✦ About Me ✦

What's up, Creatives!

To the people looking for vibrant illustrated work of geek culture, a portrait of you, a loved one, a pet, or all together, hey;

I'm Elizabeth (like the Queen), a professional fine art illustrator, based in Fargo, ND!

I've always been fascinated with creating art growing up and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. Coming from working out of my mom’s small office space and working 3 jobs to selling my prints at ComicCon, ValleyCon, and Fargo’s annual Street Fair to now owning a storefront business, not only making prints but now stickers, custom portraits, apparel, and face masks!

I am an artist who wants to bring vibrancy to your space. Fill your empty space with illustrated designs I have made or can custom make for you!

✦ Feel free to contact me here or on Instagram @e.mooreart for questions or inquiries :)